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Hello everyone!

My name is Karin and I’m the owner of Nathimus, it’s the name of my collection room. A room filled
with things I love and adore and for the most part it is filled with animal figures. That’s my biggest
: collecting animal figures. Since my childhood I always had a fondness for plastic animal toys,
they where a great source of many adventures. Because I was already very interested in nature at a
very young age. Life got rough, but a little shelf with just a few Schleich figures helped me keeping a
smile on my face. I didn’t play with them anymore, those carefree days where gone.

Fast forward to around me being 18 y/o and I began to search for more information about the plastic
animal world, and my goodness it is a big world! A Forum popped up and I met wonderful new
people and discovered new brands and species made in figure form. A big spark was ignited and my
love for these little animal replicas began to grow.

Now, 15 years later, my room is filled with more then 3000 animal figures, with almost 99% on
display in different cabinets and vitrines. All grouped taxonomically, as good as possible. I love the
diversity! My preferences are realism, details, nice poses, nice paintwork, and unusual species. I’ve
more then 20 brands in my collection, including all the major brands, lesser-known brands and
probably my favourites’ the Japanese brands. My favourite animal groups to collect are: Cetaceans,
Pinnipeds, Canines, Felines, Mustelids and Corvids.

I spend quite some time doing my research about the brands and their figures, looking on second
hand websites for new additions and keeping track of the new figures brands are bringing out at the
end of the year. Keeping my room clean, reorganizing things, being creative with indoor/outdoor
photography, keeping connections and making trades are some of the things I do when I spend time
in Nathimus. When a hobby becomes a passion.

My love for nature has grown over the years and I’ve been adding more and more groups to the
collection. Insects and microbial life being two of the newer ones and the great diversity blows me
away every time I find a new species to join my collection. I have a flea for example, an insect
considered a pest and these little creepy crawlers always made me shiver whenever I would
encounter then during my Animal Care and Vet Tech studies. I graduated in both but didn’t wanted
to work in those fields, several (personal) reasons for that. But my collection still gives me a
connection to the animal world in those fields, meeting (new) people trough social media (especially
Instagram) who work with real animals and that still gives me a feeling of being a part of that world.
Animal figures connects so many people together! Everyone has a favourite animal, for me being it
the cat, and often those favourite animals are being made in figure form. Giving the person
something to hold and look at, especially if it is a non-domesticated species. Teachers educating
with animal figures about the animal kingdom, people in biology or other nature sciences
often have animal figures of the species they study. I get them all thought my Instagram page and it
is so much fun to see the enthusiasm when they see ‘their’ species being presented in the form of a
little figure. I think for me, that’s one of the biggest joys of this hobby.

I can ramble on and on about animals figures and why they are so great, but for now I’ll keep it with
what I already wrote. One last thing I want to say is that no matter what people tell you about your
hobby, it’s yours! And if you don’t hurt anyone with it, just continue and have fun! People will always
search something to complain about and a hobby is an easy target to do so. Collecting animal figures
is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s our little world.

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